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Composites Stock and Trade, Global Stock and Trade, Stock and Trade (Index), Tachlit Currencies, Tachlit Dollar and Tachlit Deposits are authorized by the Israeli Securities Authority in Israel. Financial instruments issued by Tachlit Trackers are in conformity with a license to make use of an index given by third parties who are the index formulators. The ETPs and financial instrument products are not sold nor promoted by the index formulators. The latter do not provide any presentation or warranty, implied or explicit, to the product owners or to the public as to the advisability of trading in the product. The sole connection between the index formulators and Tachlit Trackers is the licensing of certain index trademarks and trade names. The index formulators do not provide any warranty as to the accuracy and/or intactness of the index or any other data included therein, and they shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or disruptions in connection therewith. The index formulators provide no warranty, implied or explicit, regarding the results to be achieved by license holders, product owners, or any other person or entity in consequence of the use of the index, or the data contained therein, or in determining index negotiability or appropriateness, or the data connected therewith, for any specific purpose or use. Without derogating from the foregoing, the index formulators shall not assume, in any case, any responsibility for damage stemming from or connected with the index or products, including but not only indirect damage, penal damage, unique or consequential damage (including loss of profits), even if they had been notified that such damage was likely to occur. References herein to "Tachlit Trackers" shall mean Composites Stock and Trade, Global Stock and Trade, Stock and Trade (Index), Tachlit Currencies, Tachlit Dollar and Tachlit Deposits  or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries including, but without limitation to the generality of the foregoing.

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